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How Positioning Your Product or Service can Your Marketing Fun

It’s very important to know the person you are marketing to, and more importantly how to position your product or your service to reach him or her. Your position is the place you occupy in the mind of your prospective customers, and how you are perceived by them.

Marketing is a game of mental warfare; a battle of perception, and not of product or service. One significant thing that counts in marketing is the customer’s perception of your product or your service. Your duty as a good marketer is to create the right perception. After all, all that exists in the marketplace are perceptions in the mind of the customer or prospect as long as that product or service meets his or her like no other.

Positioning is what you do to the mind of the prospect, and it is the single largest influence on the buying decision. There is a relationship between market-share and your position on the ladder in the prospect’s mind.  By positioning, you create an image in the minds of the target market, establishing the desired perception for your product or service relative to others.

The author, Gregory A. Moore taught that ‘The goal of positioning is to create and occupy a space inside the target customers’ head.’ So, your positioning exists in people’s heads, not in just your words or marketing gimmicks. When you get your product or service in the mind of your buyer, remain there. The brand strength of every organization is derived from the market value. When you win in the market, you win in business.

It is your primary duty to construct a bridge that would make your marketing messages (spoken and unspoken) to get to the receiver’s mind precisely. This is the whole idea of positioning. Precision is the key. If you miss it here, you may hardly regain it. The rule of this game is communicating your message to resonate with the customers to appear as the best and also the most preferred.

People have several reasons for buying a given product. This is where you employ the knowledge you previously had about the buyer and then sell value to him to her. While doing this, you should have one question in mind: how would I position this product or service to meet the immediate needs of this person better than those of my competition? Answering this question earlier makes the rest of the work fun.

Where are you in the prospect’s mind? Your marketing plan and campaign should follow through to make sure that you are where you wish to be. To get your position right, you must have first defined it. I mean you must have taken up a position that best suits you i.e. your passion, uniqueness, specialty, and then drives that position to a conclusive end. If you fail to determine your position, you end up confusing yourself and your buyer, and what you get will be outright rejection!

Knowing whom you are marketing to, and the character of the market is a huge plus in the business of marketing. At this point, you aim and fire with a precipitating positive effect. There is much to say than the paper can contain. For a comprehensive marketing training programme for your team, feel free to reach out to us. Marketing has just begun to be fun, and it’s up to you to make it happen!

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