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The strength of every enterprise is derived from its market presence and wins.

It’s a business myth that a good product sells itself. How would people buy what they know little or nothing about?

It’s what people see through marketing that they feel, think, believe, buy, support, and talk about. You’ve got to adopt every method possible to be constantly heard and seen.

Be visible through strategic positioning

In business, whoever has the eyeballs is the one who leads in that industry. That is to say, those who win the most in business visibly generate the most attention. Every penny that will come to your business will follow the weight of the attention you generate in the marketplace.


It is the duty of every enterprise to make its product or service visible, and also the centre of attention to their industry. Visibility of any kind is suggestive; it creates a sort of subtle prompting, and sometimes a reminder whenever one thinks of using a service or product that falls within that space.

You enhance your brand visibility by designing a predictable frequency at which your target market can see and feel you through various marketing channels. Again, it is the business that people see and hear often that they are drawn to.

The ultimate purpose of visible positioning of any product or service is to engender adequate attention, and move the market to action. You must make a conscious effort to remain where your product or service must be seen at all times. If you want to be found, go where the seekers seek!

Determine what the market wants

You must look at what your market says and feels. The market always flocks around those who understand their needs. In the marketplace today, people are attracted to businesses that speak their language, and share their point of view.

what the market want

Your focus should be to understand your market’s deepest desires, pains, fears, hopes, and dreams. Find out their present concerns and questions that bother them. What are they happy with? What are they unhappy with? To determine their wants and needs, ask them and actively listen. This will help you to better present your product or service based on what is important to them.

The purpose of determining what the market wants is to know how to tailor your product as an instrument of value to them. When people patronise you, they are trying to solve a problem of some sort with your product. It’s been said that you don’t buy a drill because you want a drill. You buy a drill because you want a hole. Never forget that.

Don’t just tell, show!

The market wants to believe you and whatever promise your product or service holds. It’s your duty to help them believe you. One way of doing that is to show it. Demonstrate whatever value inherent in your solution, and don’t just say it. The market is inclined to believe what they see, more than what they hear.

show do not tell

You won’t know what to show the market until you ask them. Always take the time to listen to your customers and prospective customers to find out what they care about. Then show how your product provides the answer that they need.

Interestingly, the customers care about themselves – their time, feelings and money, more than your product or service. They only care about your solution if and only if there’s something in it for them. The moment they know that your product will take care of them, the way they feel and act about you changes for good.

Without marketing you will not have sales and without sales, you will not have cash flow and without cash flow your business will die from lack of cash, which is the oxygen to any business. If you understand marketing that wins, you are in the ultimate power position.

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