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6 Powerful Business and Life Secret lessons from the Ant.

King Solomon the wisest man that ever lived in his days instructed us in the Book of Proverbs to: ‘Go to the ant’. I wouldn’t know how many of us who have acted on that word. I did and it changed my business life completely. We have got a lot to learn from this small but extremely wise creature called ants. Let’s look at a few of those business secrets from the ant.

Ants see the big picture

When you look at the activity of thousands of individual ants, each of them has one small job to do but has a larger pattern in mind as they work together to create an elaborate ant colony. Underneath the seemingly small attention to detail that each ant displays, is the larger vision of the colony. Ants form colonies, particularly highly organized colonies that may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals.

Do you see the big picture in your present business despite global shaking by COVID-19? How does your action prove it? The larger vision should fuel our action no matter what, and to keep our eyes on the big picture – the ones we had for the year 2020! Whatever we see now has come to make us strong.

Ability to adapt

Ants have colonized almost every landmass on earth, and thrive in most ecosystems. That’s simply adaptability! Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organization and their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves. Do ants experience difficulties? Of course, they do but yet adapt.

Sometimes, things don’t always the way we want them to in business, and when they don’t how ready are you to adapt? A typical case is a COVID-19 issue being experienced all over the world. Ants know no obstruction or set back; they just adjust and adapt. Adaptability is one of man’s greatest strengths.

They take initiatives

lessons from the ant-initiativeThe queen ant is often seen as the ‘leader’, and yet she never gives any direct orders to the ants. The queen doesn’t ‘tell’ the ants what to do. Each ant reacts to its own individual scent and leaves its own chemical trail, which provides a stimulus to the other ants. This is the law of attraction working in each ant’s life. Genetics and other factors certainly play a role in the ‘decisions’ of each ant but there is still an autonomous presence in each ant so that they can make their own decisions within the larger framework.

How often do you take initiatives when it matters most? There is no better time to take initiatives like now. We can learn from ants.

They are problem solvers

Ants have an amazingly complex pattern of behavior and individual ants have even been shown to be capable of solving complex geometric problems – I mean the ability to solve complex problems! An example of this is the fact that ants commonly determine the furthest distance from each of the entrances to their hills in order to know where the best place to dispose of their dead. The ants individually measure the distance between hills in order to locate the gravesites for other ants.

This is a higher order of consciousness at work and something that reflects the greater good of each member of the colony. There will be new set of problems and opportunities that this season will birth for the greater good. Are you ready for it?

Possess Unusual Strength

Ants have the ability to carry between 10 and 50 times their own bodyweight! They simply have superhuman strength and are ridiculously strong. To an ant, weakness is not an option as they collectively work together to support the colony. The days we are in demands that we show no sign of weakness. No matter how badly shaped our businesses may look, we shall bounce back stronger with inner strength! What are before us may look to weighty to carry but it’s not completely true – They have come to reveal our strengths!

A well-channeled energy

This larger vision of order and harmony that can be seen in the behavior of ants and many other groups of animals is a necessary element behind the energy, which contributes to the completion of even the smallest jobs in our world. Imagine ants engaged in argument, quarrel or fight? That’s a sheer waste of energy that they channel purposefully. (Mind you they can only achieve a little per time but by consistency and coordination achieve so much per time).

The larger energy fields are acted on through the individual attention to the smaller details in life. How often do we dissipate our energy on things that never matter?

There are more that could be said about ants. When you think of organization, effective communication, unity of purpose, hard work, you think of ants. Let’s ponder on these few lessons. ‘Go to ant’ King Solomon said, ‘…consider her way, and be wise’.


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