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To grow in 2020, you must embrace Intentional Marketing

There could be more volume of books and articles written on marketing or market related topics than on any other business subject known to me. Research has it that more money is wasted in marketing than in any other human activity (outside government).
Yet, it appears that the number one business challenge is in the market, or rather marketing.

become intentional in your marketing

Businesses all over the world struggle because they simply haven’t found ways to generate constant streams of customers and keep them buying time after time. The success and failure of any business is entirely down to how the business is marketed.

The bottom line of any business is to make money and marketing is an essential channel to reach that end goal.

When customers appreciate what you are selling, your business empire appreciates. And the better the customer is understood, the better you are able to fulfill the customer’s needs, and also win his or her approval.

By a simple definition, marketing is everything you do to attract and keep customers in your business. And it is a combination of sense and logic (and sometimes intuition), and connecting them to synchronize with the emotion of the buyer. Note that definition.

To many people, the business of marketing is becoming harder as the competition is becoming fiercer each passing day. A lot of enterprises have been overwhelmed by the hyper-competition in today’s market place.

Just a few of us see marketing as glitzy; the rest see it as either frightening, complicated, a burden, a necessary evil, stressful, and sometimes mysterious. As a result, they feel shy or scared, and often time lack the required confidence to make that bold move that would market their products or services to the targeted market in a way that would produce result.  But if we must remain in business, we must be in control of what goes on in the market, whether you feel like it or not.

There is an old saying in the industry that 50 percent of all marketing works, the problem is which 50 percent? A lot could work in our marketing if we could be intentional about it.

Winning in life and in business is intentional. And the marketing that wins must be intentional!

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