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Today, we are looking at two more business tips to excel in 2020


Businesses do not stand still but are rather dynamic. Those that succeed do so by continuously improving themselves, and in what and how they do what they do. And one of the ways to do that is to improve in our business skills. That is, we replace outdated skills with new skills to meet the demands in the marketplace.using skills to excel in 2020

The skills that brought us to where we are can’t take us to where we are going even as times are changing so rapidly! There are countless skills that nobody talked about ten years ago that business can’t do without today. (We will leave the discussion for another day).

The keyword here is skilling-up! 2020 demands that we skill up through re-skilling and up-skilling. Mark those two words.

By reskilling, I mean the process of learning new skills so we can do a different job in addition to the ones that we currently do. While up-skilling focuses more on improving our skills to better meet the realities in our current trade. Skilling-up would better equip us to do what will produce amazing outcomes.

Mind you, we are in a brand new world – a digital world! In an increasingly digital world, skilling-up is the key to our personal and enterprise’s productivity, growth, and security.

One of the ways to skill-up is to acquire digital skills like how to marketing digitally, or rather how to market in a digital world. As a matter of fact, digital skills are the most important which every entrepreneur or enterprise must master.

Go Digital

The digital age is an age that gives us the audacity to embrace changes that are inevitable. It is a shift from the old world to the new world where we use digital technologies and digital tools to address everyday needs in our lives and businesses. As we can attest that digital resources have opened new ways to enterprise effectiveness, and offers better means to serve and satisfy our consumers and make more money at the same time. We must not toil with it.

We must ensure that we are digitally literate with the right application of digital tools that will enhance every aspect of our businesses, particularly our business systems, processes, and operations.

We should learn how to digitally transform our various enterprises beginning from this year by the gradual adoption of digital processes and tools to achieve strategic business goals. With the digital transformation and agile business models, our enterprises will be faced with new and unlimited business opportunities.

We can also go digital in our thinking – digital thinking, and also in our mindset – digital mindset. They will make us understand the world better, do business better and relentlessly move us forward. Remember, we are in Industry 4.0!

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