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This is the concluding part of the 7 Business Tips to Excel in 2020

Pay Attention to Details

One may ask, ‘Why pay attention to details?’ Because everything practically matters!

By definition, attention to detail is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing any task. We all know that paying attention to detail is important because it will help us to prevent mistakes and make getting results easier.
pay attention to details to excel in 2020

It’s important to note that being attentive to detail can be nearly impossible when we work and position for distraction by people around us. We must consciously keep our eyes on what’s important, and avoid distractions. Anything that does not add to the vision and purpose is a distraction. Avoid it and focus or refocus!

We can improve our overall attention to detail, and hence improve our work by planning in advance i.e. creating a work plan and make lists, and maintain a schedule; avoid overloading yourself, and ask for help.

Make Big Moves

I want to repeat it, make big moves! Take bold steps. There is no honour in mediocrity. We must be bold enough to dare, in as much as that action would advance our business course.

Always remember that life favours the bold. It’s the year 2020 for crying out loud and the world is fast advancing and has no room for average players. Get ready to go the extra mile; it’s never crowded.

Is your business what you really want it to be? Is it worth giving your all? If it’s truly what you love and can die for, why act as it doesn’t matter? Why act as if you love it less. Like someone once said, ‘There is nothing more important in life like going after what you love.’ Make a big move for and towards this business that you love. You will never ever regret it.

There’s so much market opportunity out there waiting for whosoever will. You won’t know unless you make a move. You won’t have them unless you dare! British Special Air Service motto captures it well: ‘He who dares wins!

Build Strategic Collaborations

We were not created to work alone but to collaborate. There will always be a need for us to work with others in order to do something, and that thing is always greater than what we can achieve without them. It’s a known fact that alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. (Here, remember to create clear and flexible partnership arrangements).

When we build strategic collaborations, we build a collaborative strategy that will help us to generate fresh and innovative ideas, increase in skills and capacities that would multiply our result and increase our performance and resourcefulness.

In the words of Charles Darwin, ‘It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.’ Nothing more could be added.

This is your year. This is your decade. This is your moment. Seize it and make it count!

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