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Two of the 7 Business Tips for Excelling in 2020

This is 2020! It’s not just a new year but also the beginning of a new decade – A decade that will obviously break patterns and lead to the emergence of a new business world. How much progress have you made in the first few weeks of this year? And how desperate are you to excel in your business in the weeks and years ahead? Here are vital tips that would be useful to you:

Have an Open Mindhave an open mind to excel in business in 2020

Ignorance is our deepest secret both in life and in business. Only a few honest ones among us openly admit that they don’t know as much as they need to know. Ignorance is equally our greatest enemy, and knowledge is the key to defeating it.

Until we realize that nobody knows it all, and give room to know more, we can’t make meaningful progress in this new era. This demands that we have a mindset that always challenges what we think already know from time to time.

Alan Alda said something I like: ‘Begin to challenge your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in’. Everyone is ignorant in some way or another, more especially as new things keep showing up every now and then in the business world.

This is not the time to have a closed mind, even on the subjects that we think that we have mastered. It’s a whole new adventure of ten years, and it begins with an open mind if we must make the most of it! Open your mind! There is no closed door to an open mind.

Learn Intentionally

Intentional learning here means the continual process to acquire, understand, and use a variety of strategies to improve our ability to attain and apply knowledge in our respective businesses. To succeed in business, we must be intentional about it. And the simplest way to succeed is to become more so are to do and have more, which largely comes by learning.

Learning we know is not attained by chance, but by diligence and commitment. Someone put it this way: ‘Talent and luck might happen to you by chance, but learning is a skill and practice that anyone can accomplish with diligence’. With diligence, we can master anything that we add to our business bottom-line.

To harness the opportunities that this season brings would certainly require we learn, unlearn, and relearn some business skills, wherever necessary. This will come by our taking a few learning steps every day, which would really add up over a long period of time.

There’s so much to learn such as how to adopt new technologies into what we currently do, and also apply new and proven principles and methodologies that deliver radical results. We cannot rest on methods that we used five years ago and produce cutting-edge solutions at the present time.

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