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Your Machines

By machines, I am talking about the tools and the attendant technology that you employ for war. It is a known fact that a fighter is not better than his tools; the level of his skills notwithstanding.

Technology will be the major enabling force for business in the future, which has already begun. Some time ago, I was watching a clip of World War I and II and was forced to laugh. I saw the type of weapons the then world powers used compared to what is on the ground now. Things are very different, and there has been tremendous technological advancement in every form. The same is true in business.

Before now, a little or nothing is known about the internet, not to talk of smartphones, AI, VR, 3D Printing, robotics, nanotech, and the likes.

robotics technology is changing the way we do business

Today, the internet especially is a strong tool for taking your business beyond your uttermost imagination and beyond the border, if you master how to use it. The Internet is the greatest tool for doing business in today’s world. As a matter of fact, you can’t succeed in business without it. With it, scaling, marketing and positioning your products or services have been simplified now than before.

Today’s business is driving on a no-limit fast lane. There is no limit except the ones we impose on our businesses. It was not so some years back, and more is yet to come.

The business war is a serious war; if you are not one step ahead of others technologically, you might soon be a step behind everyone else, and then suffer for it. Here’s my advice: always live in the future and innovate! Know when to use a particular tool and when to retool.

Innovation always requires a readiness to do something new. Any new strategy could be a risk but it is a risk that is worth the gain. Usually, anything new is a distraction from the normal routine, and hence requires the commitment of some resources.

Of course, innovation should be measured by what they contribute to the market, I mean in the warzone. Engage that which would improve your result, no matter what it takes for you to have it.

In our bid to retool for this war, it is not going to be easy. It has not been easy for those who have won in the past, nor is it going to be easy for you and me. One thing is very certain; victory is sure! And when we update our weaponry we aren’t just going to win but you will win big to the envy of the competition.

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