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A good product can’t sell itself

It is a business myth to believe that a good product sells itself. How would people buy what they know little or nothing about? Always keep it to heart that your business abilities and potentials are not as important as your visibility. It’s what people see that they feel, think, believe, support, and profess.

Are your business ideas strong enough? They make them visible by every possible means. Adopt every method possible to be constantly heard and seen. The present channel of marketing via the internet has simplified a lot of things. Don’t just be left out.

Announce yourself until the market starts announcing you. The ultimate purpose of visible positioning of any product or service is to engender adequate attention in the marketplace.

Keep tooting your market horn

In the world of business, if you don’t toot your horn and fight, you may lose in the market battle. After all, the strength of every organization is derived from its strong market presence. When you win in the market, you eventually win in business.

If any business has a well-structured marketing plan and strategy that draws people to it, its growth comes naturally. And every winning predominantly lies on the amount of attention you can command compared to the competition within your market segment.

Attention is not a hit-and-run thing

It’s not enough to generate attention; it is very expedient that we maintain and keep expanding it. If you will do a quick check, so many businesses had the attention before now but today, they have lost it.

We should note that the marketplace is not static. Wisdom demands that we find ways not to lose whatever market position we may have attained.

Remember, attention is what everyone and every business live for. I know you need attention as much as I do, whether as a person or in your business to make a good success.

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