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The Attention-driven Business – Growing Your Enterprise Attention Via Visibility

Great businesses draw the attention of prospective customers and also keeping the attention of existing customers. They understand that attention is what every business lives and dies take advantage of it. Traffic means attention, and money flows where attention goes! Every enterprise has to make its product or service the center-of-attention in its segment of the market.

Attention centered businesses don’t just make noise; they make news by every slightest opportunity they may have or can create. They make their stories to consciously be on the lips of people, both their customers and prospective customers, whose loyalty would be guaranteed with time. To realize this, they make a conscious effort to remain where their product or service must be seen at all times, strategically using every available cost-effective marketing means to stand-out.

I have come to the awareness that effective marketing is everything you do to attract and keep customers in your business. And it is a combination of logic (and sometimes intuition), and connecting them to synchronize with the emotion of the buyer at all times. And above all, you must be visible.

Visibility builds credibility and increases preferability and profitability. With consistent visibility, you can be the one everyone is talking about and sooner you become the one they enjoy doing business with.

It is a business myth to believe that a good product sells itself. How would people buy what they know little or nothing about? Always keep it to heart that your business abilities and potentials are not as important as its visibility to your target market. It’s what people see that they feel, think, believe, support, and profess.

Great businesses tell great stories about themselves and generate engaging discussion among people, groups, and target market. Visibility gives you unusual access to people’s attention. Of course, we naturally move towards whatever we focus our gaze or attention on.

For instance, constant exposure through social media, press releases, and PR involvement, and other effective marketing channels relevant to your enterprise can drastically reposition your business. Your products or services don’t necessarily have to be the best; just tilt it at an angle where you’d always be seen and perceived as the best. After all, ‘best’ is relative, and the observer’s perception is his or her reality.

Are your business ideas strong enough? Take them to the media, and if you can, create your own media. The present channel of marketing via social media has simplified a lot of things. Don’t just be left out. Adopt every method possible to be constantly heard and seen. Announce yourself until the market starts announcing you.

When you win in the market, you eventually win in business. If any business has a well-structured marketing strategy that draws people to it, its growth comes naturally. But your winning principally lies in the amount of attention you can command compared to the competition within your market segment.

In the world of business today, if you don’t toot your horn and fight, you may lose in the market battle. After all, the brand strength of every enterprise is derived from its market visibility.

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