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Develop Your Mind

I can say with all authority that it does not take just a great idea to build an enviable business as it would take a great mind (and the system) behind the idea. Most businesses fail from inside-out. It’s not the idea that’s to blame but the one who pilots the idea.

We are blessed with so much business ideas. The irony is that many of these ideas lack substance. Yet, only a few people care to know or seek professional help. Scores of those who have succeeded in business today were at one time struggling until they learned the secret, sometimes the hard way. As they began to do the right thing(s), their story changed.

Every business was once thought before it became a thing. Business is a game; a game of the mind. The process of running a thriving business is more of a mental process than a physical one. According to a man called Claude M. Bristol, ‘The successful people in the industry have succeeded through their thinking. Their hands were a helper to their brains’.

Much of what we see today in businesses is an observable representation of what was going on in the minds of their owners. The depth of treasures deposited in any mind would always translate visibly in their businesses.

You have to do whatever you can to in order to bring quality into your business, first by developing your mind through books, attending training and courses that will sharpen your mind and skill you up.

As I conclude this series, it’s is important to note that you are the only one playing your own game, and have yourself to bless or blame. You could be the next to start that business, why not get the necessary assistance on how to start strong. It’s up to you to make your business happen.



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