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Consider Building a System

Nothing could be so frustrating like having an idea that you don’t know how to express. That was why Thomas Edison taught that ‘The value of a good idea is in using it.’ No idea is worth more than the system or structure that supports it.

Businesses grow and mature in the same way that human beings do. And if you don’t have what supports their growth and development, they die, all the ideas in this world notwithstanding. Any business idea without a well-thought-out structure dies a natural death.

A lot of Nigerians are victims of this bitter experience; they may have put so much money into their ideas but came out with nothing. If they had known better, the story would have been different. (Of course, we suffer for what we do not know).

An entrepreneur increases his chances of surviving and thriving if he puts a strong system behind his ideas. It’s usually what we fail to do and do right for our businesses that cause them to crash. Knowledge is very critical for every business to start strong and grow.

Every business is a system of inter-locking and inter-operating systems. The most important part of any enterprise is the system behind the business idea. If the system is weak, the business collapses but if the system is strong, the business flourishes.

Robert Kiyosaki once quipped that ‘Many people have ideas that could make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. The problem is, most people have never been taught how to put a business structure inside their ideas and so many of their ideas never take shape or stand on their own.’

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