How to grow your business with purpose

The essence of marketing is to have your products or services get to the end-user effortlessly, and also leave you with something profitable at the end of the day. For a profitable marketing effort, you should consider making your marketing more intentional.

How to grow your business with purpose

It’s necessary that one breaks out of the marketing clutter and then fashion a strong system to move most consumers to action. This might require you to do a little homework to know the system that is most appropriate for your kind of business, and business environment. Being intentional is about knowing exactly what you want out of your marketing efforts and being willing to invest the time and money in doing so.

In the market place, it’s not what you think that matters but what the customers think and do about what you are giving to them. That is why someone warned, ‘Marketing is so basic that it cannot be considered a separate function. It is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result, that is, from the customer’s point of view.’ When you use intentional marketing, you have a clear goal for the customers and prospective customers, and how you reach out to them and relate with them.

First, you have to determine the scope of your marketing and create a clear impression that you want to leave the market with. Is the product or service you’re promoting a national, regional, local roll out and/or just online? The wider the audience the more time and planning will be involved. (This too points to the scope of the number of marketing tools you will employ to tell your story).

Not every entrepreneur or business person is a good marketer. While you are yet to master the art of marketing, finding a team that understands and is vested in your business by sharing the same desire to grow your business as you do is a huge step in the right direction.

By finding the right marketing team to creatively help you achieve your objectives, you can ensure that your marketing dollars are being put to good use and not just another line item on the expense sheet. Let me say it again; build a team of marketing-force that you can trust, who have a clear vision and understanding of your marketing goals.

What’s the intention behind your marketing plans and actions? How will it drive the results that you want? This is the question you must answer today!

As we conclude this piece, here are three important things to do: as a rule, always let people know what you do. Tell at least 3 person’s about your business each day via SMS, call, or social media. Always create fresh sales offers. In creating fresh offers, be attractive, be different and remain creative. And finally, call old clients; ask if they know people who need your products or services. Never play with the power of referrals. All three points are intentional acts. Always remember that the marketing that wins must be intentional!

You will have to measure the success of your actions. Listen, watch and ask for feedback. Feedback’, Ken Blanchard said, ‘is the breakfast of champions’. From the feedback, you would repeat what worked and discard what didn’t. This will allow you to improve your marketing in the future and hence grow your business.