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Everyone seeks attention but not everyone is willing to give it back. That is one of the mistakes a lot of businesses make in the marketplace.

Learn to give back the attention

Businesses should not stop at just generating attention. They should also give the market more reasons to pay extra attention. When we fail to appreciate or reciprocate the attention the market gives us, we lose the market followership and support.

While your business needs attention, it’s very instructive to give it back to the market (i.e. your customers) when you get it from them. It’s a two-way thing. This will keep the derivative money that the attention brings to keep coming.

When you lose your key customers, chances are someone out there is making them feel wanted more than you are doing. This could be likened to the same reason people change their social circle; they like the attention their new associate gives them. The market only gets attracted to and stays with those who pay the most attention to them.

The market can’t have enough of your attention

You can’t receive a note from someone telling you that you are giving him or her too much attention. This could also be referred to as recognition. If you ever receive one, the person is telling you that he or she wants more of it.

Consciously recognize those who make your business what it is today, and they will help you take it to where you want it to be tomorrow. Recognition is the best means of motivating us to do more than we have done.

The new business platform, especially as portrayed by the emergence of the online community may explain this better. Such businesses thrive by generating attention, and sustain their strong position by giving back the same.

That’s why mega platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, and other similar platforms can afford to offer their services free of charge so as to control the attention-band, and hence make money in the process. If they can’t have enough of the attention, what about you?

Targeted attention fuels growth

The businesses that blossom are those that have the highest attention. In other words, businesses that have the highest attention have the largest share and get RoA (Return on Attention). This fuels your reputation in the marketplace and by extension your growth as an enterprise.

We should be wise enough not to be relegated to the background, by finding creative ways to be in the mind of our customers and potential customers, no matter the level of our business growth.

What business would not be better off with more attention? Ultimately, thriving businesses are basically attention-focused. Why not make your business the centre of attention in your industry? It’s up to you to make that happen!

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