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For an enterprise to be profitable and sustainable, its solution has to help or serve its target market remarkably well.

Service is the real solution. Service is the real deal, and it is the value that will stand the taste of time. There is immeasurable value in great service in today’s marketplace.

Someone once asked, ‘What is the difference between a $500 room and an $80 room in a hotel?’ The answer is service! Guess which one people patronize more? It’s the one with great service. In business, there is a limit that just lower prices can take you, but with exceptional service, you are boundless.

You don’t have to look far to find enterprises that are known for great service and higher prices. The market hardly cares about the price or rate, when your service is remarkable.

An American executive, Davis Hooper, once revealed that ‘The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms.’ If we serve others like the universe, whatever we will create will be eternal.

Your most rewarding work will be in the service of others. Therefore, learn to serve with whatever solution you are offering the market. In the marketplace, abundance flows to those who know how to serve others with purpose and deep understanding.

What’s a great enterprise without great service? Strive Masiyiwa, the founder and group chairman of Econet Global said, ‘I simply like to start and build businesses that serve and meet the needs of people. It is my calling.’ Every opportunity to meet needs is an opportunity to serve.

The essence of the game of business has remained the same, and that is to meet a need in a most unique way. Those who serve consider the needs of others first—and to serve those needs in unique ways.

Always remember that no matter how many thousands of products or services are on the market, there’s always room for better ones, and that better solution can come from you. It’s by solving market problems that any business lives.

Delightfully offering people what they want as part of value exchange is what business is all about. Great enterprises don’t pursue business just for their gain but answered the calls to serve.

Never stop asking the market (your customers) what their pains are, what they struggle with, what they worry about, or what they desire that your solution hasn’t met yet. Find out how you can satisfy those concerns. Take their feedback very seriously, and come up with a solution better than the ones they have had before, and serve them well.

There is immeasurable value in great service. So, sell the kind of service that the market can’t get anywhere, and they will keep coming to you. If you elevate your level of service above the rest of the market, your customers will quit shopping elsewhere.

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