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Your personal or business dream can never materialize without selling it successfully to your target audience.

If you have a solution that the market needs, and yet you are not making enough sales, check yourself.

When you don’t understand the laws and rules that govern sales, you start looking for who and what to blame for your ignorance. Selling is identifying needs, selecting the right solution, and then demonstrating how your product or service solves the problem. You must learn to take responsibility for your sales outcomes. Without sales, your business will die!

Associate your product with good feelings

People (including your buyers) are emotional beings and want to identify with products that make them feel good about themselves. There will always be a market for products that make people feel good. As a matter of fact, a person who can make someone feel good can sell almost anything.

When something makes you feel good, you want more of it. People will always gladly spend money on things that make them feel good about themselves. Why not make anybody buying your product or service feel good before and after using it?

A buyer will pay extra for great service, a great attitude, ease of purchase, convenience, and being made to feel special. The least you can do is consciously wear a broad smile, and pay full attention whenever you are face-to-face with a potential buyer. It’s a great way to make them feel good and valued.

Always selling value to them

Selling is simply an exchange of value. Unless you are offering to exchange value in some way, you are not a business. The customer always wants assurance that your product has advantages over the cost difference.

The future of your business rest on your ability to sell every inherent value in your solution to those who need it more than anyone else would do. When your buyer sees value in your offering, paying for it comes effortlessly. Nothing emboldens like selling a solution that brings value to the table.

Money is nothing more than a means of exchange between a willing buyer and a willing seller, and it changes hands when the seller has a product or service that (s)he sees valuable to him or her. If the market isn’t buying from you, they aren’t seeing sufficient value in what you are offering them.

So, whenever you sense that you are not getting enough money check the quality of the value you are adding to people’s lives; someone else may be doing it better than you.

Learning to close

Closing a sale is an art that every sales executive must learn. Closing is getting the buyer to take action and agree to exchange something of value for what it is you offer. Until a transaction is closed, you gained nothing from it. I love the way Grant Cardone captured it, ‘If you can’t close, you lose.’

You’ll need to be armed with an arsenal of ways to handle stalls, emotional reactions, and objections that may come in the way of closing a sale. No one buys until someone sells.

Your sales success will come about as a result of taking necessary actions that persist over time until you succeed in reaching your sales goals. The true essence of selling any product or service is an honest desire to help people through your product or service, and get rewarded for it.

So, selling is not just getting the sale, but the sincere desire to help. You must give to qualify to receive. The buyer should be happy after buying your offering, and should be motivated to repeat. Repeated, profitable sales are the lifeblood and oxygen of your business.

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