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How To Turn Your One-Time Business Success Into A Result-Producing Process (1)

Achieving any milestone in your business should not be a one-off process; sustaining it is key to your survival. Every enterprise needs a clear repeatable process to constantly turn its core business activities into result-producing processes that will make them profitably sustainable.

By repeatable processes, I mean a set of actions that can be easily duplicated by any member of the team in that department. These set of activities become daily routines that you set and follow (day in, day out), which will help enhance your daily business life. It could be in sales & marketing, workflow schematic, customer service, recruitment, training, and so on.

Let me ask you this question: Do you have a clear and repeatable process in your enterprise that your team can follow in your absence? Or do you adopt the hit-and-miss approach?

Whatever the stage of your business growth, you always need a repeatable process to turn every one-time success into a repeatable process. That is where true success lies. The task of developing a repeatable process may appear unnecessary (for SMEs) or time-consuming, but it’s a key and critical step that leads to business growth.

If you’re going to grow your business, you need to know how far you’ve come and how far you need to go. If you don’t know what you’re doing every day, you won’t have the idea if it’s yielding results or not, not to talk of optimizing it.

Your repeatable process is the result-producing process that allows you to make efficient re-engage actions that have proved to be successful in the past and reduce unnecessary variations that can tie up time, effort, and resources. Just as the business executive, Don A. Connelly quipped, ‘Without repeatable processes in place you can’t ensure efficiency or consistency.’

Interestingly, repeatable processes will help you to measure your performance at any stage of your business cycle. By making your processes repeatable you’re equally making them measurable, so you can determine whether you’re consistently hitting your goals or missing them. Again, once they are measurable, your team can determine where potential problems are occurring, and then take steps to address them and improve the process.

The creation of the result-producing process is your responsibility as a business owner or an entrepreneur. It behooves you to remove obstacles that are getting in the way of making what has worked systemic. I have found out that this usually happens when you fail to set the right expectations with clear outcomes.

For emphasis, you must not just make every repeatable process measurable but also simple to use. This where many SMEs are lacking. And hence, making it difficult for their team; especially those that are new have a clear understanding of where and how to start, or what to do.

Successful business-men and women know that by creating consistent repeatable processes they’ll build up a competitive advantage that’s hard to beat. Since the majority of enterprises aren’t devoting sufficient time and effort to developing repeatable processes, those who do will always outrun the competition.

I want to summarize this piece with a quote from Hal Elrod & Cameron Herold in their book, The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs revealed that, ‘If there is any not-so-obvious secret to success in business, this is it: clarify, calculate, and commit to your result-producing process—without being emotionally attached to your results.’

Any increase you make in your process will always cause an identical increase in your results. That’s a predictable and reproducible miracle! So, when your result-producing processes have been predetermined and pursue, your business success is guaranteed!

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