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Love can cause a huge mindset shift

What are those problems that bother you so much that they steal sleep away from you? They can better be addressed or turned into a business when your heart is filled with love. You can only see problems as opportunities with the eyes of love. Love can cause a huge mindset shift.

Without love, no one would care about making life better for others. Without love, there will be no true entrepreneurs. At best, we would complain and think only about our survival. With love, you see situations differently. If you can’t see them differently, your response won’t be different.

Love makes us develop a mindset that is different from others. No one can provide a solution to the problem he or she doesn’t see differently. If your mind is filled with love, it can’t see much to complain about but opportunities in a seemingly hopeless situation.

The eyes of love are required to see solutions, hence business opportunities that are hidden in every human challenge, problem, and chaos, and to provide answers to them. Without love, you can’t see a beautiful butterfly in the creepy ugly caterpillar.

Love delivers a better result

The key to making your product or service meaningful is to make your target market discover how your product or business changes people’s lives for the better. It doesn’t pay to run a me-too business anymore, and not even at this age. Love engineers better business solutions.

All that is left for you to do is to come into your industry with more love than anyone else, and it’s sure to make your business exponentially better than the rest. ‘Love-for-the-ideal’, Henry Harrison Brown a thought leader said, ‘leads to desire. Desire leads to action, and action converts untoward conditions into the actual ideal’.

If you care to create a business that matters, get ready to run your enterprise from the fullest expression of love. No entrepreneur can succeed without love in him or her.

Love makes you empathetic

A crucial part why you are in business is to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish, and this requires a deeper and more empathetic understanding of his or her needs.

Empathy is a foundation to meeting any market need. You simply cannot solve a problem or design a solution if you do not deeply understand those that will use it. If your enterprise is going to really understand customer needs and wants, then it needs to be able to connect and empathize with the situations that your customers face.

Love makes you empathetic, and it makes you to put first whoever is going to experience your creation – your products or services. It helps you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to better understand your customer’s perspective or point of view, wants and unspoken desires.

With empathy, the lives of the people you do business with would be understood and highly regarded. There is no way you can understand and respond to the market’s wants and needs without being empathetic. And when you do, it turns ordinary customers into loyal customers whose patronage and devotion to your business would lead to greater business success.

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