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We deploy proven strategies and set up systems that will help you to turn your business into profitable and high-growth enterprise.


getting set for business

Getting Set for Business

The biggest hurdle standing in the way of many entrepreneurs and entrepreneur wannabes is not necessarily capital but a lack of sound knowledge and know-how in starting, running, and scaling their businesses to profitability.

Getting Set for Business contains proven business insights and principles that have worked for me and other entrepreneurs in Africa.

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My Wor’d of Business

My Wor’d of Business is a quick read business titbit that is rich in practical and relatable truths. It also contains actionable steps you can take to build a solid foundation beneath your feet to profitably grow your business.

It covers critical areas that every entrepreneur, business owner, business executive, and manager should consciously acquaint themselves with. 

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Business Sense

Having a sound business sense will enable any entrepreneur not just to survive but to thrive in the new economy.

These are the experiential knowledge that Tony Ajah has shared in this book that is a must-read for any entrepreneur, who wants to get a better result in his or her business and entrepreneurial pursuit.

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On Becoming An Entrepreneur

Want to know how to start and grow a thriving business in a tough environment?

This book reveals step-by-step principles, and practical approaches on how anyone can successfully pursue his or her entrepreneurial dreams from starting, growing, and scaling the business into a profitable and sustainable enterprise.

One-On-One with Tony

Need business mentoring and advisory session that provides professional guidance that will help you navigate the marketplace roadblocks, and turn them to your advantage?

Then book for a One-on-One Strategy Session.



If there are entrepreneurs and business strategists with a deep understanding of Africo-centric entrepreneurship, Tony is one of the few.

Kenneth Nwakanma

Entrepreneur and Consultant

“Beyond Tony’s expertise and professionalism, I appreciate the level of integrity and dedication that he brings in partnerships. He has a way of meeting entrepreneurs wherever they are in their business journey – helping them at getting the specific results that they value, and at having the impact that matters to them”.

Stella Bida

Executive Leadership Consultant, TEDx Speaker.

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