Getting Set for Business

getting set for business

The biggest hurdle standing in the way of many entrepreneurs and entrepreneur wannabes is not necessarily capital but a lack of sound knowledge and know-how in starting, running, and scaling their businesses to profitability.

Getting Set for Business contains proven business insights and principles that have worked for me and other entrepreneurs in Africa. It covers critical sets with actionable steps that every entrepreneur who wants to build and grow his or her business with less pressure must know and work with.

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This is a playbook that will show you how to:

develop the entrepreneurial mindsets that have made great entrepreneurs successful

assemble the right tools to accelerate the growth trajectory of your enterprise

build the right skill-sets that would put you ahead of the game

develop the right solution that your target market wants

build business systems and processes that work no matter the business you are into

increase your sales and marketing amid the competition and evolving customers’ needs

build a business with growth in its DNA

adopt an innovative approach to running your business

best position your enterprise in this digital age for continuous growth, and more.

getting set for business

See why everybody loves Getting Set for Business

This book describes the elements which are critical to not only start a business, but also make it grow to an extent for which it is ready to scale.

Stella Bida

I absolutely recommend this book to anyone who’s ready and serious to start and succeed in any business venture. The content of this book will show you how from the very start and guide you through.

Uche Imafidon

Getting Set For Business offers you a failure-proof and practical path for turning your business idea into a market success. It would do you a world of good, if you are set to build a thriving and sustainable business, to let it guide you. 

Kenneth Nwakanma

If you’re looking to build a thriving and relevant business in this era, this book is your roadmap. Tony Ajah writes from a depth of understanding you can only get from several years of experience. Getting Set For Business not only outlines the practical steps for getting set, but it also helps you redefine the ‘why’ behind your business.

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